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My Journey Towards Financial Freedom

My name is Bozenna Slominski, and I was born in Warsaw - Poland.

I migrated to Australia in 1982, seeking democratic freedom with a desire to give our children an opportunity for a better quality of life.

During our early years in Australia, we faced many challenges and hardships; however, today, our two boys are well-educated, warm, loving, compassionate, positive, vibrant, and high achievers in their lives.

On my various, happy but challenging life journey in Australia, I regained my Registered Nurse qualification, became Clinical Nurse in 1997, and became a Deputy Care Manager in 2001 in one of the best and biggest Nursing Homes in West Australia.

I have attended many personal development courses, wealth creation courses, and much more.

I learned about how important our vision and goals are and how to never give up on our dreams.

We are born with the same abilities to have a loving, compassionate and abundant life.

We are not designed to live in a box. We have the amazing qualities to think and expand far beyond our beliefs and perceptions.

One of my Personal Development mentors Paul Counsel, said, " it is important to resource our thinking, beliefs, attitudes, actions, habits, capabilities, and values to new levels, and until we believe in ourselves enough to achieve our dreams, moving forward will not take place."

I learned that for a change to occur, I needed to seek new knowledge and resource myself with new and empowering reasons to move forward.

As you can see, since migrating to Australia, I have been wearing many hats in my life. I am now a retired RN, Clinical Hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioner, and Retired CEO of a Health and Wellness small affiliate business.

And most of all, I am CRWDWorld Micropreneur!

My Australian registered business name is Bozenna Slominski Micro-Enterprise, and under my business umbrella, I also promote other business opportunities. One of these business opportunities provides me with a safe weekly income, for which I'm forever grateful!

If you want to join me on my journey toward financial freedom, don't hesitate to contact me via my contact page.

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