Bozenna Slominski

MicroPreneur in Australia and Global

Greetings, I'm Bozenna Slominski, and my journey from Warsaw, Poland, to Australia has been one of determination and resilience.

In 1982, my family and I set sail for democratic freedom and a better life in Australia. Our early years here were challenging, but today, our children are thriving, a testament to our dreams and sacrifices.

I rebuilt my nursing career in Australia, reaching the position of Clinical Nurse and Deputy Care Manager in a prominent nursing home. Alongside my career, I pursued personal development, learning the power of vision and persistence.

I embraced the title of CRWDWorld Micropreneur, promoting various business opportunities and enjoying a secure income stream. If you're ready to explore financial freedom, contact me via my page.

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More to come soon

Thank you for joining my journey towards a brighter future.

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